Playing outstanding music in beautiful Skagit Valley

All ages and levels welcome

Students from Bellingham, Mt. Vernon, Stanwood and surrounding areas


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“You can’t find a better teacher! We have been there for nine years.”


“The lessons have been tailor-made to my preferences and abilities.”


“You’re the one and only teacher I would ever, EVER go to.”

-Reese, age 7

“You are a fantastic teacher, mentor and friend.”


“My daughter’s flute skills have improved dramatically in less than a year. She is excelling in her school band as a result too. Finding Stephanie and investing in our daughter’s musical future is worth it!”



“Stephanie is an amazing flute teacher and I look forward to my lesson every week!”


“Your passion for music itself really comes through in your teaching.”


“Stephanie does an amazing job working with all types of skill levels.”


“You helped my life-long dream of playing the flute to come true. I will never forget your patient, thorough teaching.”


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