Studio Policy

effective September 1, 2019

Welcome to Deerland Flute and Piano Studio! As we explore music together, my goal is for you to reach your highest musical potential in a rewarding manner.

SCHEDULE: Weekly lessons are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays year-round. Additional summer options include doubled time, FaceTime, or 2 lessons per week to fit your vacations. ONLINE lessons follow the same time format, with the convenience of virtual lessons in your home.

Recitals are held every 3 months. They are low-pressure events to provide encouragement, relate students to each other, and demonstrate progress. All students get to play in the quarterly recitals. Recital dates (Tuesdays piano and Wednesdays flute) are October 29-30, January 28-29, April 28-29, and July 29 (joint with harpsichord).

The teaching schedule runs from September 2019 through August 2020, with breaks on December 17-25, March 24-April 1, June 24-25 (Europe Tour), and August 4-12. 42 lesson times are guaranteed per year.

TUITION is $100 per month for 30 minute lessons, double for hour lessons. This flat fee is prorated year-round, and full tuition is expected each month whether or not you attend all lessons.  If the need arises to discontinue lessons, 1 month’s written notice with paid tuition is requested.

Students remit tuition by the first of each month using online automated bill pay. A $20 late fee is added when making a payment after the first of the month.

Tuition encompasses more than the time spent together during the lesson. It also covers recitals, incentives, choosing music specifically for you, preparation time, studio expenses, continuing education, and studio instrument maintenance.

Required materials purchased by the student include the assignment book with practice record, method book, duet book, repertoire/solo book, metronome and tuner (flutists). Students may also choose music to bring.

MISSED LESSONS:  Your monthly tuition reserves your time slot. When a student cancels a lesson, no deductions will be made. If I must cancel a lesson a makeup will be scheduled. Other makeups will only be arranged for special circumstances. During inclement weather lessons may be moved or held via Facetime.

PRACTICING: The student needs to practice daily to develop as a musician. The expected amount of practice is: Beginner ~ 15 minutes daily, Intermediate ~ 30 minutes daily, Advanced ~ 60 minutes daily. Practicing follows the weekly plan written in the composition book during the lesson. For those under age 13, parents will supervise daily practice and co-sign the practice record. In agreement with the family, a consistent time should be set aside for practice. Let’s get started!